Queuemetrics is a call Center solution that will allow you to have powerful functions to automate your call reception system based on Asterisk Open source IP power stations. Quemetrics monitors telephone System information and produces detailed reports on the activities of the call center.


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Automation (RPA)

With Queuemetrics and the ADC of the Asterisk IP Central you will be able to automatically distribute incoming calls among your employees, in a more Efficient And with a significant improvement in the Customer Experience

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The criteria for call distribution may be based on customer profile or key business information (language, purchase volume, seniority, etc.).

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Advanced Reports

You will be able to access a powerful reporting to get statistics for hours, days or weeks of more than 150 metrics relative to its agents, the number of calls served or losses, duration, timeouts, call distribution, and SLA's.

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Agent Control

With Queuemetrics you will always have a real-time clear view of the activity of your agents and calls from the call center.

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How does it work?

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Continuous improvement

The control of a call center is achieved by performing three basic processes: measurement, analysis and feedback collection. This creates an evaluation and control circuit based on scientific metrics of various forms of analysis and evaluations.

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Automation, detailed reports on past activities, and real-time screen summaries of recent activities:

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Board functions.
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Quality of service measurements.
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WebRTC through an integrated softphone
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Customizable call distribution criteria.
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Reduction of incoming call timeouts (inbound).

Benefits of using Queuemetrics

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Monitor and improve the entire operation of your call center with Queuemetrics!