Expogage Create Meaningful Engagement WhatsApp

EXPOGAGE is a solution designed to facilitate the interaction between SPONSORS and ATTENDEES in a B2B and B2C type event in an integrated way with the platform that supports the event (for example EVENTBRITE) and the SPONSORS CRM (for example CRM DYNAMICS or LINKEDIN) .

The values for the attendee are

Through gamification, it encourages networking among attendees and especially with sponsors, since the assistant can win prizes provided by the sponsors at the end of the event or each track.

Ease of use, the assistant does NOT have to install new applications, just add a contact and start sending photos of QR codes or bar codes.

Consolidation of all contacts made at the end of the event. Each Assistant receives at the end of the event an email with the information of all contacts made

The values for the event organizers are.

  • Eliminates complexity in the interaction between sponsors and attendees by not requiring to install an application other than WhatsApp.
  • Encourage attendees to interact with sponsors by applying the psychology of gamification
  • With analytics it gives you greater insights about Sponsors that generate greater volume of contacts and Stand locations with greater traffic
  • It generates additional opportunities for upselling, since attendees will always be reviewing the leaderboard and its position on it, generating additional sponsor exposure

The values for the sponsors are

Simplify the collection of data from contacts established during the event by not requiring to install an application other than WhatsApp.

Eliminates the reprocessing of loading information since it is natively integrated with several CRMs (currently with Dynamics).

Through Analytics, it allows the Sponsor’s manager to know the efficiency and productivity of their vendors by having real metrics of interactions made and leads generated.

Within the ROADMAP to start our Q2 we will have two very important features available:

  • Business card processing. Through AI (OCR and Categorization) we extract the data from the business card and upload it to the CRM
  • Follow UP Automated. Once the event is over and in a configurable time, a robot will automatically send the assistant a link to the company’s portfolio and offer the option to automatically schedule a call or visit, this will be registered in the customer’s CRM and will be part of the Qualification process, saving and solving a typical pain that is the post-event follow-up.
  • Behavioral Analytics Once there is a sufficient volume of data, it will be possible to determine patterns and interests of the attendees according to the information collected during the events and interactions.